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                 For use in Eurorack Systems

                 The Oscator from DMP is an oscilloscope you
                 can use for measuring voltage frequency signals.

                 Measurements can be read on a 0.96 ”display. It
                 visualises an indication and measurement of wave
                 signals. Various frequencies and voltage
                 measurements can be set with the push buttons.

                 It is an oscilloscope with a width of 6hp and takes
                 up little space and is an indispensable tool for any
                 eurorack system.


                 - 1 channel oscilloscope mono
                 - Positive and negative measurement
                 - 6hp (30 x 128,5 mm)
                 - Oled Display 0.96”
                 - Time axis and Voltage axis
                 -  Trigger direction adjustable
                 -  Voltage range adjustable from 0.2 - 50V

                 - Time range 50ms - 200ms
                 - RMS voltage display indication
                 - Frequency display indication
                 - Hold mode
                 - Reset button
                 - Power use +5 volts

                 Includes power flat cable for eurorack.

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